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My Arval

My Arval provides you with all essential vehicle documents, your driving statistics and an archive with all the information you have received from us. So no need to do any administration of documents when it comes to your vehicle. You can also do your kilometer reporting on My Arval, if you use this service. This manual demonstrates how to enter your kilometers in the tool.

Three months before your lease contract expires, you will be notified by us that is time to start thinking about a new lease vehicle. Via the vehicle choice list on ‘My Arval’ you can easily select the vehicle of your preference and calculate your own contribution.

In our return guide you will find information on what is accepted upon the return of your company car. In this list you will find all drop off locations for your company car.

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Arval Mobile+

Let’s face it, you’re never without your smartphone. So to make life easier for you, we have developed Arval Mobile+*, a web-based smartphone app. It means that you are holding in your hand all the essential registration and insurance documents for your vehicle as well as your contract details. Better still, you are just a click away from contacting Arval.

At a glance, Arval Mobile+ offers you:

  • access to all essential vehicle documentation
  • live maps pointing out the closes service and maintenance sites
  • direct booking service for maintenance and repair of your vehicle
  • an archive of all information you received from us
  • driving statistics.

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* currently the app is only available in English. We are working on Swedish translations.
** at the bottom of the page you find instructions on how to add Arval Mobile+ on your home screen