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We want to please all our drivers by providing the best possible service. If you have any questions, please feel free to look up the answer in the FAQ section on the left of this page. And of course, you can always email and call us!

Fleet Support
Phone: 08-799 88 90

In Case of an Accident

Always make sure to carry at least one claims form in your car.

If you get involved in an accident, you should directly fill in the claims form at the location of the accident if possible. If you need legal protection, please contact the legal department at your insurance company. If you experience theft, parking damages or vandalism, please turn to your insurance company for any inspections. At the inspection, you must submit both the police claim and the insurance claim. The workshop you turn to in order to repair the damage will charge everything except VAT and deductible directly to the insurance company. The workshop will then bill VAT and deductible to us by your Service card or Billing card.

Note! Always fill in a claims form for the insurance company to be forwarded to the Swedish Motor Insurers if:

  • An unknown vehicle has caused damage to your car
  • A car accident has occurred and the counterpart is uninsured
  • The counterpart is driving a foreign-registered car

Here you can find what documents to send to the insurance company in case of damage:


Your Billing/Service card

The Service card

You should use your Service card to bill expenses for service, repairs, and extras.

Note! Always give the Service card to the supplier to show the billing address as well as terms and conditions. Also inform the workshop that they always need to contact Arval before starting the repair process. You should show your identification when placing the order. Do not forget to sign the delivery note when you collect your car. At the same time, make sure the supplier has performed the ordered job and that your registration number shows on the delivery note. You can only use the Service card for the specified vehicle.

If the supplier you turn to has any questions, ask them to contact Arval at 08 – 799 88 90 or via e-mail

Block your Fuel Card

Contact us at Arval to block your card, telephone number 08 – 799 88 90. When you have blocked your card, we will send a new one for you as soon as possible.

After Office Hours
If it is after office hours when you would like to block your fuel card, you call the fuel companies directly. Remember to inform us that you have blocked the cards yourself. You also place a new order through us.

Fuel Company          Day Time Phone            Night Time Phone
Statoil                       08-429 63 00                  24 hours
Shell                         08-730 34 80                  24 hours
OK/Q                        808-506 811 1                008-506 811 10
Preem                      020-450 450                   010-450 18 00


Buy your Car

When the contract expires, you can buy your car at a market price. First you must advice with the fleet manager at your company so that the car is not expected to stay at the company. When that is done, you should inform Arval at on information of your registration number, buy-out date as well as current mileage. We will then get back to you with a buy-out offer.

The price is set directly by an independent valuation company, and applies to cars in a normal condition. If damages have occurred, these should be reported to your insurance company before you can purchase your car. Then a contract of sale will be issued in your name and when we have received the full payment of the car, it will be registrated in your name. Please make sure to take out your own insurance!

Private Payments

Private Payments

We only allow purchases where you have used your Service card or fuel card. What has been done or purchased must be approved by the agreement between your company and Arval. If you want compensation for cash expenses, you should instead use your company’s routines for travel expenses/cash expenses.

There are two exceptions though, where Arval manages your cash expenses:
• If you have received a new car but are still waiting for a new Service or fuel card
• If you have lost your card or if it was stolen and you have placed a theft report

In the above two cases you use the Cash Expenses form and it is important that it is fully completed – all of the fields are mandatory to fill in. Both you and your manager must sign the form. Send it with the receipts attached to:

Arval AB
BOX 80
182 11 Danderyd

Payments are done once a week.

Congestion Charge

All congestion charges and fees are paid by Arval. The congestion charges are then charged to your company by a collective invoice.

Driving Abroad

Green Card

The so-called “green card” is being used when driving abroad as it shows details on that your car is insured in Sweden. For more information regarding the “green card” please visit, and click at “Travelling abroad”. If you need a “green card”, please contact your insurance company.


Certificate of Registration

Make sure you carry the Registration Certificate Part 1. If you lack this, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency tel. 0771-14 15 16.

Car insurance

Normally, the cars are insured at Trygg-Hansa. When contacting the insurance company, you should inform them of your registration number, which is also your insurance number. If you have any questions about the insurance or in case of an accident, you should always call the insurance company.


Contact Trygg-Hansa:

Opening hours at Claims Service are workdays 08.00 – 17.00, telephone number 0752 – 431 990. Other times you will be connected to the on-call service.

Opening hours at the Support are workdays 7.30-18.00, telephone number 0771 – 11 17 30

Refuel Your Car

If your company has agreed on the fuel card management with us at Arval, you will receive fuel cards. If you feel unsure about this, please contact the fleet manager at your company. You use the fuel card when you purchase fuel, oil, car wash and other automotive-related products as well as on payment of parking fees. You may only refuel your own car or rental car with the card.

Our partners are Statoil, Shell, OK/Q8 and Preem.

Replacement Car

If you need a rental while your own car is at repair, please contact your insurance company and ask if your insurance covers a rental / replacement car. Always make sure your insurance allows the rental cost in case of accident. If your insurance does not allow the rental cost while your car is at repair, we kindly ask you to contact your fleet manager who first need to approve the cost. If insurance covers, your repair shop will arrange a car for you. If you do not know which insurance company you have, we can find this out for you.

Fleet Support tel: 08-799 88 90

Returning your Car

Your company has entered an operating lease agreement with us at Arval which means that we own the car. You or your company will be notified on when it is time to return the car. On this return form you will find all the return information and a list of current collection points.

Please return your car at one of our collection points by the specified date; your company is paying the leasing fee until the car is returned.

Consider the following:

  • Any damages on its return: damage control manual
  • As a driver you should contact the collection point (where you choose to return your car) to make an appointment for the collection.
  • Bring keys, service history, driver’s manual and other documents belonging to the car. For further information, please read chapter 3 in the manual for damages.
  • A complete collection of summer and winter tires (including any spare wheels) should also be returned.
  • You should wash the car inside out and take away all extras not belonging to Arval.
  • At the collection, you should fill in the return form which notifies us of the overall condition of the car and should be signed by you and the person recieving the car. This is on the driver’s responsibility and works as a receipt of that the car has been returned. Email a copy of the form to Remarketing at (or fax it at 08–559 505 55).

Note! Missing tires, keys or service history will be charged to your company. If the car is in such condition that it has to be repaired or cleaned, Arval will send your company an invoice for the same amount.

Roadworthiness test (MOT)

When it’s time for inspection of your vehicle, Arval will, well in advance, send you information. You make the booking yourself and you are responsible for ensuring that the MOT test is done in time.

Information about MOT test periods
Vehicles and light commercial vehicles need to go through the first MOT test when the vehicle is three years and the second time when the vehicle is five years. After that the vehicle needs to go through MOT test yearly. The starting point for the first MOT test is the date when the vehicle was taken into use. The information is available on the registration certificate. The last digit in the registration number indicates the MOT test period.

Last digit       MOT test period

1                     November - Mars

2                     December - April

3                     January - May

4                     February - June

5                     May - September

6                     June - October

7                     July - November

8                     August - December

9                     September - January

0                     October - February

Please contact one of the below listed companies.



Phone: 0771-600 600


Phone: 0771-44 22 33

Opus Bilprovning

Phone: 0775-500 300


Phone: 0774-400 800

Note! Show your Service Card or Billing Card and the invoice will be sent to GE Capital.

Tire Management

Your company has entered an operating lease agreement with us at Arval. The agreement includes the cost of tires (amount based on mileage), change of tires and balancing. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the work is done.

Consider the following:

  • You must use your Service card card when ordering a change of tires.
  • The delivery note should always be signed after the work has been performed.
  • Please contact us at 08 – 799 88 90 if you have any questions.


When Delivering a New Car – Winter Season

Arval order winter tires from an Arval authorized tire supplier. The supplier will contact you to decide which workshop will prepare and deliver your tires. The supplier will also ask to set a day for delivery at your car dealer. The winter tires are assembled to the car when delivered.


When Delivering a New Car – Non Winter Season

The supplier will contact you well in advance before it is time to change to winter tires. The tires will be ordered from the supplier and delivered and assembled at your local workshop on a date you agree on.

Change for Season

When it´s time for changing tires, the supplier will contact you well in advance to book an appointment.

Tire Storage

Please check with your Fleet Mananger regarding your company’s policy of tire storage.

Need a Warrant?

With any kinds of warrant concerns, please call or email us at Arval.

Phone: 08-799 88 90