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Your adapted fleet policy

A fleet policy that fits your company’s needs

Arval strives to build a long-term relationship with clients and to understand their needs. Key to that relationship-building is efficient fleet management based on a solid Company Car Policy.

A fleet policy that suits you

To determine the fleet policy that best suits your company, Arval uses four key measures: We examine the technical and financial parameters, then analyse the policy's HR and CSR impact. We guarantee a selection of vehicles that is right for you, and offer the best funding and service options available. Your requirements, be they short or long-term, are guaranteed to match your budget. Arval also strives for a motivated workforce, and for a fleet policy that is safe and environmentally sound.

How you and your drivers benefit

A solid and well thought-out fleet policy helps you secure more stable and predictable fleet costs, ensure optimal driver use of your vehicles, and end up with limited legal, social, and health and safety risks. Your drivers are fully briefed on their rights and duties, they are well treated, and therefore more motivated.

Your fleet policy sets out your priorities -- and is the basis of everything we do.