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Create your own Arval flipbook and win!

Draw, video capture & share

Have you received a new car from us and an Arval flipbook? Congratulations on your new car and we hope you will enjoy your new car. With our flipbook about My Arval Mobile, you can turn it around and draw and create your own story and upload a movie of it on Facebook page, and get the chance to win 4 cinema tickets!

Terms and conditions of this competition is below.

Video capture and upload you flipbook video on our Facebook page!
Ladda upp din blädderbok!

Arval Flipbook Competition Terms

About the competition
Create your own Arval flipbook! If you are an Arval driver and have received an Arval Flipbook, you can create your own flipbook story and capture it on video and upload it on our Facebook page @ArvalSverige and compete with a chance to win! This competition is campaign is organized by Arval AB (Vendevägen 89, 182 32 Danderyd - Box 80, 182 11 Danderyd, P. +46 87 99 88 90 , Org. nbr. 559026-7992 – VAT nbr. SE559026799201).

Competition period
The competition period is every calendar month until further notice. The competition period can change at any time and be stated here.

How to compete

  1. With your Aval Flipbook, draw and create your own story.
  2. Capture it on video and upload it on Facebook page @ArvalSverige.
  3. Tag your video post with #ArvalFlipbookSE

By participating in this competition, you acknowledge having received and accept the application of these rules of these Flipbook competition rules.

How to win
Arval AB will at the end of each calendar month select one video for one winner. The criteria will be based on the quality of the story, creativity, and quality of the video capture. The jury consists of staff from Arval. Arval will announce the winner on the Facebook page @ArvalSverige. Arval can decide to not select a winner of the month.

The winner will get 4 cinema tickets.
The winning prize can change at any time and be stated here. Any possible profit taxes are paid by the winner. Arval is not responsible for any possible costs associated with the competition or prize. The selected winning submission cannot be appealed. This prize is personal and cannot be exchanged for money or other goods.

Who can compete
You must be an Arval driver who has received and Arval Flipbook. You must be over 18 years old. Your residence is Sweden. Your flipbook story can only be used one time in the competition campaign and you cannot participate in the name and on behalf of someone else.

Privacy policy
Arval will treat your personal data in accordance with its Arval Data Protection Notice, which you can find here:

By entering the competition you agree to the terms and conditions of this campaign. You are responsible to ensure that your submission is not offensive and follows current legislation. Arval reserves the rights to remove submissions violating these Flipbook competition rules.

Arval declines any responsibility in the event that it would be required or would deem it necessary to postpone, shorten a match or to cancel.

Arval does not take any responsibility for any technical problems at the participant or a third party (for example, an access problem) that delayed participation or led to the loss of data.

Arval reserves the right to use the submissions for marketing and communications purposes, without any compensation. Arval is under no obligation to actually publish or use a contribution and can at any time, for any reason, end the use thereof.

By participating, the participant gives permission to Arval, without any limitation in time and space, to to publish their contribution on social media and the website (s) of Arval, to use them in all possible audiovisual productions and also to reproduce and distribute them on every possible carrier without Arval being due any compensation.

The participant declares to have the necessary rights to give permission for the use of their creative contribution and shall indemnify Arval against any claim for a third party regarding the use to suc creative contribution. This means that it must be an original creative contribution, of which the participant is the only author and that the contribution is in no way protected by copyright or other rights of third parties (unless all the required permissions of the copyright holders are obtained).

Contact about this campaign, please call 08-799 88 90 or write to Arval AB, Att: Arval Flipbook, Box 80, 182 32 Danderyd.

Applicable law
Swedish law applies to this competition. Disputes must be brought before the courts of Stockholm.