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Integral Fleet

Integral Fleet

An unprecedented initiative in the leasing industry

What is Integral Fleet?

It is a strategic online reporting platform, fleet industry unique, invented for clients working with multiple full service lease providers, offering a consolidated view of your fleet KPIs.

Integral Fleet is a fully customizable 360 degrees view of consolidated fleet data from different full service leasing provides. This enables you to make strategic decision and Integral Fleet takes into account all key aspects of the entire fleet, independently of whom you source the services from. It frees you from the burden of having to aggregate all your fleet data from multiple sources.


Benefits with Integral Fleet for you is;

  • 360 ° view, fully customizable
  • consolidate fleet data from multiple full service leasing providers
  • consolidate data from multi countries
  • your total fleet at a glance
  • relevant and useful reports
  • monthly trends with three years history
  • save time and take strategic decisions on your fleet
  • easy uploading of data
  • private and secure – only you can access the data
  • dedicated client support


Get a demo

If you have multi supply of fleet providers, contact us today for a demo. Call us at 08 – 799 88 90 and we will show you all the benefits with Integral Fleet.

Integral Fleet